Win-Win Insurance Plans for Renters and Landlords

YRIG saves renters money and protects landlords from headaches. Our fast, efficient, affordable service can serve your rental or rental property needs.

Why Renters Love YRIG

  • Low-Cost Renters' Insurance Options
    Almost every rental community you apply to will require renter's insurance that protects the property from damage you may cause. But can you really afford an additional moving cost? We make it easy to make the landlord happy without completely draining your cash.

  • Fast Renters' Insurance Approval and Onboarding
    Approval time, and getting the paperwork to show coverage, is key to making the process of moving into your new home as smooth as possible. Like it or not, renter's insurance is sometimes a late consideration, but we make up time with efficient service.

  • Protect Your Belongings
    The landlord wants their property protected, but what about your property? Our Tenant Legal Liability offers up to $5,000 in personal property protection, which includes theft. Additional options go all the way up to $100,000.

  • No Upfront Security Deposit (Community-Based)
    Security deposits can hit your bank account hard in a lump sum. Why tie up all that cash? If your community signs on with us, we can cover your upfront cost and you pay us in installments, so you keep more of your money in your pocket. No approval necessary. If you're approved for your lease, you're approved for YRIG's Security Deposit Insurance (SDI).

Why Landlords Love YRIG

  • Secure More Leases
    Security deposits are absolutely vital to a rental community, but it's a big ask from your hopeful tenant. Our Security Deposit Insurance (SDI) gives tenants easy and affordable monthly payments, which means security deposits won't be an obstacle to closing a lease. Plus, saving money for your tenant sets your relationship off to a great start.

  • Peace of Mind Protection
    It's non-negotiable to have a security deposit. Property managers have to protect the property and its value. Our Tenant Legal Liability (TLL) covers your tenants for up to $100,000, which gives you plenty of room for your liability minimums.

  • Bad Credit? No Worries
    Tenants with bad credit may still qualify with an increased security deposit, but that could easily turn your prospective tenant away to your competitor. What's the solution? With our Security Deposit Insurance (SDI), even if your tenant breaks their lease or leaves more damage than an initial deposit might cover, we've got your back.

We Back You Up

Tenant Legal Liability (TLL)
Tenant Legal Liability (TLL) provides the level of coverage that most rental communities require. Damages covered include those you may cause via fire, smoke, explosion, backup or overflow of sewer or water, and falling objects. Plus, Your Renters Insurance Group’s TLL policy backs up to $5,000 of your personal property from damage or theft.

Security Deposit Insurance (SDI)
We cover the landlord’s expense for unpaid bills owed at the end of a lease. Tenants remain responsible under the terms of their lease agreement. Our policies are through the rental community, so ask your property manager if they have signed up. You can also request we contact your manager for enrollment.