Renters Insurance HO4

HO4 or Renters Insurance cover’s your personal property for named Perils.


Fire and Lightning  Riot or civil commotion Smoke Volcanic Eruption
Electric Current Water or Steam Windstorm or Hail Aircraft
Falling Objects Cracking, Bulging Vandalism Explosion
Vehicles Theft Freezing Weight of Ice, Snow


You select the amount of coverage for your personal property.  You also have the choice between replacement cost or the actual cash value (ACV) at the time of loss.  ACV is less expensive.

Your Renter’s Insurance Policy will also provide the Liability coverage that most communities will require.  Liability insurance provides extra protection for legal situations for damages that you may have caused.  It also provides medical payments for accidents that occur on the property to people who do not live on the premises.  This will also include up to $10,000 for dog/pet bits.