Security Deposit Insurance (SDI)

No need to tie up your money in security deposits. Instead keep your money and just pay a low monthly payment. The security deposit policy is issued to the landlord to cover excess wear, tear, and lost rent that tenants do not pay.

In a perfect world, all renters would pay their rent and any excess wear and tear, and the landlord would have no need for a security deposit. Unfortunately, not all renters will pay their bill. We cover the landlord for the unpaid bills owed by the renters at lease end. Tenants are still responsible under the terms of their lease agreement Tenants.

  • Lower your move in cost and use your money for other things
  • Easy low affordable monthly payments
  • No approval is necessary. If your approved for your lease, then your approved for YRIG Security Deposit Coverage.

Property managers now attract more residents, close leases faster and no more hassles with security deposits.

How do I sign up for Security Deposit Coverage?

  • Your community signs up with Your Renters Insurance Group. We cover the landlord for lost rent, excess wear and tear not paid by the renter.
  • Ask your property manager if they are signed up. If not, you can request that we contact your manager to enroll your
  • Community. Just send us an email with your community information.

Am I required to purchase?

  • No. You can elect to pay the security deposit required by your community.

Is there a refund when I move out?

  • No. Coverage is included in your monthly rent payment and continues until you move out. Payments are set at a low rate making it much more affordable.

Can it be transferred?

  • Yes, if it is with your same community.

What if I owe rent fees or damage to my apartment upon move out?

  • You are still obligated to the terms of your lease agreement.


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